(noun) The distressing experience of wanting to quit drinking, while witnessing a regression or return to that behavior despite earnest intentions; the internal turmoil and frustration experienced when one’s genuine wish to quit drinking is thwarted by the powerful pull of addiction; the conflict between desire for change and the struggle of addictive tendencies; from Czech “touha” (desire, longing) and Latin “regressio” (regression, return).

Touhreg encapsulates the intense inner conflict and turmoil that individuals grappling with alcohol addiction often face. It vividly portrays the heartbreaking scenario where an individual ardently longs for sobriety and a life free from the clutches of alcohol but finds themselves trapped in a relentless cycle of relapse, experiencing a poignant tug-of-war between their earnest desire for change and the persistent pull of their addictive tendencies. Touhreg is a poignant reminder of the internal battles that those striving for recovery endure, highlighting the complex interplay of determination and vulnerability that characterizes the journey toward overcoming addiction.

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