(noun) The emotional and psychological resistance accompanied by feelings of shame and vulnerability when first acknowledging powerlessness and unmanageability in AA; the difficulty in letting go of control and admitting one’s limitations; the challenging and emotional process of admitting powerlessness and unmanageability, resulting in a complex mix of feelings that individuals may encounter during this initial step in AA’s Twelve-Step program; from Italian “riluttanza” (reluctance) and Corsican “vargogna” (shame).

Rilvargo describes the complex mix of emotions individuals grapple with as they confront the reality of their addiction, highlighting the internal tug-of-war between the desire for change and the discomfort of relinquishing control. The concept of rilvargo underscores the transformative nature of acknowledging powerlessness, revealing the challenging yet crucial step towards recovery. It inspires self-awareness and humility, guiding individuals through the initial stages of the Twelve-Step program as they navigate the intricate emotional landscape of reluctance, shame, and vulnerability on their path to healing and sobriety.

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