(noun) The sense of relief and connection experienced within AA when individuals recognize that powerlessness over alcohol is a universal condition shared by many, not just themselves; the understanding that one is not alone in this struggle; the comfort and reassurance that comes from realizing that many others within the fellowship have faced the same struggle, fostering a sense of unity and understanding; from Danish “mangel” (breakdown, deficiency) and Haitian Creole “inivèsèl” (universal). It portrays the transformative power of shared experience within the fellowship of AA.

Mangivese describes the comforting realization that many others have faced similar struggles, creating a supportive community where individuals can find solace, empathy, and understanding. It becomes a cornerstone of healing, offering the reassurance that, despite the deeply personal nature of addiction, there exists a universal bond among those in recovery. Mangivese embodies the strength derived from shared vulnerability, turning the breakdown of individual struggles into a foundation for collective healing and support within the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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