(noun) The chaotic and disorderly condition of life brought about by the unmanageability caused by addiction; the loss of control and the need for transformative change in recovery; from Albanian “kontrol” (control) and Maltese “diżordni” (disorder, disarray). The loss of control that accompanies addictive behaviors, prompting the recognition of the dire need for transformative change during the journey of recovery.

Kondizo reminds us of the chaos and disorder that permeate the lives of individuals ensnared by addiction, where relationships fracture, responsibilities crumble, and daily life descends into disarray. It encapsulates the imperative call for transformative change, urging individuals to confront their loss of control and embark on a path towards recovery. It embodies the hope that, through acknowledgment and concerted effort, those grappling with addiction can reclaim agency over their lives, restoring order from the disarray that defined the kondizo of their past.