(noun) The torment and anguish experienced by someone struggling with alcohol addiction, trapped in a vicious cycle of intoxication and withdrawal; the physical and emotional pain caused by the dependence on alcohol; from Latin “insobrium” (drunkenness) and Romanian “chin” (torment).

Insochin is the relentless suffering and emotional anguish that plagues individuals ensnared in the unforgiving grip of alcohol addiction. It describes the inexorable cycle of torment and despair that characterizes the daily struggle faced by those dependent on alcohol. This term characterizes the physical and emotional pain that individuals endure as they oscillate between periods of intoxication, marked by fleeting moments of solace, and the excruciating withdrawals that follow, where the torment of cravings and withdrawal symptoms leaves them trapped in a never-ending battle with their own dependency. It is a stark testament to the internal agony of those grappling with alcohol addiction, highlighting the urgent need to embark on the path to recovery, where healing and hope can replace torment and despair.