(adjective) The deceptive and harmful appearance of sobriety in someone struggling with alcoholism; it refers to the facade of control and normalcy displayed by an alcoholic, hiding the true extent of their addiction. Fudrunk is an abbreviation of “Functional Drunk”

Fudrunk describes a poignant and often unsettling phenomenon that characterizes alcoholism. It signifies the deceptive illusion of sobriety that individuals battling alcohol addiction manage to maintain, concealing the extent of their dependence. This term serves as a stark reminder of the complex and multifaceted nature of alcoholism, where outward appearances can be highly misleading, masking the internal turmoil and chaos that the functional drunk may be experiencing. Fudrunk not only underlines the extraordinary ability of individuals to maintain a facade of control and normalcy in their daily lives, but it also describes the inherent dangers of such a deceptive exterior. By presenting a front of functionality, individuals struggling with alcoholism often delay seeking help, denying themselves the support and treatment they desperately need to overcome their addiction. It emphasizes the urgent importance of recognizing the hidden battles that many functional drunks face and extending a compassionate and supportive hand to help them be released from the shackles of alcoholism.