Category Sponsorship


(noun) The mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationship between a sponsor and a sponsee in Alcoholics Anonymous, where both parties contribute to each other’s recovery journey; from Brazilian Portuguese: “patrocinador” (Sponsor) and Dutch “wederkerig” (reciprocal). Patroweder embodies the symbiotic nature of…


(noun) The intimate and profound connection that emerges through the sponsorship relationship in AA; the depth of closeness and the special bond formed between the sponsor and the sponsee as they navigate the journey of recovery together;  the unique relationship…


(noun) The inspirational and exemplary influence of a sponsor within AA, who serves as a model of recovery and personal growth for the sponsee; the motivation and guidance provided by someone who leads by example; the crucial role sponsors play…


(noun) The equitable and mutually beneficial aspect of the sponsor-sponsee relationship in AA, where both parties experience personal growth, support, and insight; the balance and reciprocity within this unique partnership; a sense of shared learning, growth, and support; the mutual…


(noun) The partnership and encouragement offered by a sponsor in AA; the positive and safe space provided by a sponsor; the sponsor’s role in collaborating with their sponsee to raise awareness, initiate change, and foster growth in recovery; from Latin…


(noun) The teaching and accountability provided by a sponsor in AA; the sponsor’s responsibility to offer guidance, share insights, and hold individuals accountable for their progress in the recovery process; from Latin “tutor” (tutor, teacher) and “responsio” (responsibility, accountability).


(noun) The orientation and guidance offered by a sponsor in AA; the mentor’s role in leading newcomers toward a better understanding of the Twelve Steps and principles of the program; from Latin “orientatio” (orientation) and “dux” (leader, guide).


(noun) The guiding support and mentorship provided by a sponsor in AA; the role of a sponsor in helping individuals navigate their recovery journey and make positive changes; from Latin “patrocinium” (patronage, support) and “conducens” (guiding, leading).