Category Serenity


(noun) The fullness and abundance of peace and harmony experienced in AA recovery; it signifies the richness of serenity found in a fellowship of understanding and support. Term root: “plenitudo” (Latin for fullness, abundance) + “pax” (Latin for peace) +…


(noun) The harmonious balance and moderation that contribute to serenity in recovery; it signifies the interplay of self-control and temperance in maintaining inner peace. From Latin “serenitas” (serenity) + “temperantia” (temperance, self-control).


(noun) The composition and harmonious blending of elements that foster equanimity and balance in recovery; it signifies the state of inner serenity achieved through a well-structured and balanced life. From Latin “compositio” (composition) + “equanimitas” (equanimity, composure).


(noun) The complete emptiness and removal of turmoil and unrest from one’s life due to the serenity found in Alcoholics Anonymous recovery; it signifies the cleansing of the soul from chaos. From Latin “tranquilitas” (tranquility) + “exinanitio” (removal, emptiness).


(noun) The consecration and sanctification of inner peace achieved through sobriety and spiritual growth in AA; it signifies the sacred state of attaining serenity within oneself. From “quietis” (Latin for quiet, peace) + “consecratio” (Latin for consecration, sanctification).


(noun) The serene sense of tranquility and calmness that replaces anxiety and worry as a result of recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous; it signifies the peaceful freedom from the burden of constant concern. From “serenitas” (Latin for serenity) + “sollicitudinem” (Latin…


(verb) To leave behind old ways and embrace serenity in recovery; the act of abandoning disruptive behaviors and finding peace; from Latin “relinquere” (to leave) and “serenitas” (serenity).


(noun) The peace and tranquility experienced in sobriety; a state of inner calm, serenity, and contentment; a respite from the turmoil and chaos of addiction; the ability to find peace amidst life’s challenges and uncertainties; from Latin “serenitas” (serenity) and…