Category Self Awareness


(noun) The deep self-awareness and understanding of one’s identity and character that arises from making a moral inventory in AA; the transformative process of gaining insight into one’s thoughts, behaviors, and values; from Latin “identitas” (identity) and”cognition” (knowledge, understanding).


(noun) The sense of alienation and disconnection from one’s own emotions and behaviors before entering recovery and AA; the state of being unaware and foolish in the absence of self-awareness. From Latin “alienus” (alienated, distant) and “insipiens” (foolish, lacking wisdom).


(noun) The integration and synthesis of intuitive insights gained during AA meetings and working the steps; the process of incorporating intuitive wisdom into self-awareness and decision-making; from LatinĀ  “intuitio” (intuition) and “integratio” (integration).


(noun) The exploration and discovery of one’s identity and authentic self through working the steps with an AA sponsor; The journey of uncovering and understanding one’s true nature; from Latin “identitas” (identity) and “exploratio” (exploration).


(noun) The transformative exchange and connection with others during AA discussions and stepwork; the community of support and shared experiences that contribute to self-awareness; from Latin “conversio” (exchange, conversation) and “communio” (community, fellowship).


(noun) The reflective awareness of one’s thoughts, actions, and motives in recovery; a heightened consciousness and mindfulness that leads to self-improvement and personal development; from Latin “reflexio” (reflection) and “conscientia” (conscience)


(adjective) Existing within one’s soul or inner self; the profound and introspective reflection of one’s emotions, thoughts, and experiences during the process of recovery; from Latin “intra” (within) and “animus” (soul).