Category Relationships


(noun) The common and shared beginnings of new relationships formed among individuals in recovery and AA; it signifies the sense of camaraderie and shared purpose in sobriety; from Latin “inceptio” (beginning, start) and “communis” (common, shared).


(noun) The fresh and novel familiarity experienced in rebuilding relationships with family members after recovery; the new closeness and understanding forged through sobriety; from Latin “familiaritas” (familiarity, family relationship) and “nova” (new).


(noun) The restoration and revival of goodwill and benevolence in repairing broken relationships after recovery; the return of kind intentions and positive regard; from Latin “restitutio” (restoration) and “benevolentia” (goodwill, kindness).


(noun) The strengthening and solidifying of friendships and bonds in recovery and AA. This process signifies the act of reinforcing and fortifying relationships that were once weakened by the inherent dishonesty of addiction; from Latin “amicitial” (friendship) and “resolidificans” (strengthening).


(noun) The mutual and reciprocal connection and understanding established in healthy relationships after recovery. The balanced and supportive nature of these connections thrives due to the solid framework provided by AA principles; from Latin “conexio” (connection) and “mutuus” (mutual, reciprocal).


(noun) The renewed and reborn affinity and closeness experienced in new relationships after recovery. This fresh start and deep connection can be experienced as a result of the new way we have learned to live in recovery; from Latin “affinitas”…


(noun) The complete and thorough reconciliation and restoration of broken relationships after recovery in AA; the process of rebuilding trust and repairing the damages caused by addiction; from Latin conciliatio” (reconciliation) and “exintegro” (completely, entirely).


(noun) The origin and root cause of broken relationships before recovery; the foundational issues and challenges that contributed to the fractures in personal connections during active alcoholism; from Latin “rupture” (rupture, break) and “primordium” (beginning, origin).


(noun) The establishment and cultivation of healthy, supportive relationships in recovery; the healing of familial, social, and romantic bonds damaged by addiction; the creation of a supportive network that fosters accountability, understanding, and trust; from Latin “relatio” (relationship) and “salus”…