Category Personal and Spiritual Growth


(noun) The enlightening and transformative journey from addiction to sobriety, often marked by self-discovery and personal growth; from Latin “sobrius” (sober) and “lumen” (light). Sobrilumen represents the illuminating path that we tread when we transition from a state of addiction…


(noun) The mental and emotional resilience exhibited in recovery; the capacity to bounce back, adapt, and thrive in the face of adversity, triggers, and temptations; a combination of strength, determination, and flexibility in overcoming challenges and maintaining sobriety; from “Phoenix”…


(adjective) Serene and tranquil in sobriety; a state of calmness and peacefulness achieved through abstinence from alcohol and the pursuit of spiritual growth; from Latin “sobrietas” (sobriety) and “sereno” (serene).


(noun) The turning away and reversal from self-destructive patterns and behaviors as a result of recovery and working the steps; it signifies the change of course towards a healthier and more positive direction in life; from Latin “adversum” (opposite, against)…


(verb) To restore and rejuvenate the spirit and mind during the recovery journey, as a result of engaging in the introspective work of the twelve steps; it signifies the process of healing and renewal of the inner self; from Latin…


(noun) The revival and resurgence of life and purpose that occurs through sobriety and the transformative process of working the steps in Alcoholics Anonymous; it signifies the rebirth and renewal of one’s existence after overcoming addiction; from Latin “sobrietas” (sobriety)…


(noun) The act of accepting one’s limitations, vulnerabilities, and mistakes with humility in the recovery journey; the practice of humbly acknowledging imperfections and seeking personal growth and amends; from Latin “humilitas” (humility) and “acceptio” (acceptance).


(noun) The delicate balance and harmony achieved within oneself during recovery; a state of mental, emotional, and spiritual stability that fosters personal growth, resilience, and the ability to cope with life’s challenges; from Latin “individua” (indivisible) and “aequilibrium” (equilibrium).


(noun) The seamless integration and assimilation of personal progress and growth in recovery into one’s daily life; the ongoing process of incorporating recovery principles and positive changes into various aspects of living; from Latin “progressus” (progress) and “integratio” (integration).


(noun) The clarity of purpose and unwavering determination exhibited by individuals in recovery; the ability to persist and overcome challenges, maintaining focus on sobriety and personal growth; from Latin “perseverantia” (perseverance) and “claritas” (clarity).