Category Humility


(noun) The practice of modesty and respect in viewing and valuing the opinions and perspectives of others, instilled through the lessons of humility; the intentional approach of humbly considering the insights of others. from Latin “opinio” (opinion) and “spectus” (view,…


(noun) The empowerment and strength derived from humility in recovery, leading to the realization that seeking assistance is a display of strength rather than a sign of weakness; the understanding that humility enables individuals to overcome pride and embrace vulnerability…


(noun) The profound transformation and change that occurs within an individual as a result of embracing and practicing humility; the process of becoming a more self-aware, compassionate, and open-minded person through the cultivation of humility; from Latin “humilitas” (humility) and”transformation”…


(noun) The reflective and contemplative practice of submission and humility within AA and the recovery journey; the thoughtful examination of one’s actions and the willingness to yield to higher principles. from Latin “submissio” (submission) +and”reflection” (reflection).


(noun) The resurgence and revival of modesty and humility as a core value in recovery and AA; the renewed emphasis on maintaining a humble and unassuming attitude; from Latin “modestia” (modesty) and “resurgens” (resurgence, revival).


(noun) The self-denial and departure from ego-driven behavior as a result of practicing humility in AA; pertaining to the abandonment of self-centeredness and the recognition of personal limitations; from Latin “abnegatio” (self-denial) and “ego” (I, self) and “defection” (departure).


(noun) The expansion and growth of humility within the context of AA and recovery; the process of opening oneself to a humble perspective and embracing the virtue of humility; from Latin “humilitas” (humility) and “expansion” (expansion, growth).