Category Fellowship


(noun) The process of becoming a disciple and learner of a new way of life through the teachings and support of the AA fellowship; it signifies the transformation of one’s approach to living through the guidance of the community; from…


(noun) The hopeful and uplifting inspiration that arises from the fellowship and camaraderie within AA; the positive influence and shared optimism that members bring to one another’s journeys of recovery; from Latin “companion” (fellow) and “spes” (hope).


(noun) The genuine and open-hearted practice of honesty and vulnerability embraced within the AA fellowship; it signifies the cultivation of an authentic and transparent environment where individuals can share their experiences without fear of judgment; from Latin “sinceritas” (sincerity, honesty)…


(noun) The collective assistance and aid offered within the AA fellowship; the support and guidance provided by the group in helping each member achieve and maintain sobriety; from Latin “auxilium” (assistance, help) and “coetus” (group, assembly).


(noun) The progress and advancement achieved through the harmony and agreement fostered within the AA fellowship; the growth and positive change resulting from shared experiences and collaborative efforts. from Latin “concordia” (harmony, agreement) and “progressus” (progress, advancement).


(noun) The sense of solidarity and unity that contributes to well-being within the AA fellowship; the mutual support and shared goals that enhance the recovery journey of each individual. from Latin “solidarietas” (solidarity) and “salute” (well-being, health).


(noun) The restoration and renewal of community and belonging experienced through the AA fellowship; the process of rebuilding social connections and support networks that may have been strained or lost due to addiction. from Latin: “communitas” (community) and “restitutio” (restoration).


(noun) The communal spirit and collective rebirth experienced within the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous; the shared transformation, renewal, and resurgence of hope and purpose that arise from mutual support and working the twelve steps together; from Latin “communitas” (community) and…