Category Fear


(noun) The victorious sense of serenity achieved in AA through the gradual dissolution of fear; the attainment of inner peace and tranquility as fear loses its grip on the individual in recovery; from Indonesian “ketenangan” (serenity, calmness) and Old Norse…


(noun) The concept of fear serving as a refuge or escape from facing the realities of one’s addiction and the need for change; the tendency to use fear as a defense mechanism against taking responsibility for one’s actions and behaviours;…


(noun) The discovery and exploration of underlying fears during the process of working the Twelve Steps in AA; the act of identifying and addressing deep-seated fears as a crucial aspect of recovery; from Latin “terrorem” (terror, fear) and “inventio” (discovery).


(noun) The anonymous fear that often accompanies early attendance at AA meetings or the sharing of personal experiences; the apprehension of revealing one’s identity or vulnerabilities to a group of strangers. from Latin “timor” (fear) and “anonymus” (anonymous).