Category Anonymity


(noun) A profound and humble acknowledgment of the servant role assumed by individuals committed to upholding the sacred principle of anonymity within the framework of Alcoholics Anonymous. This term captures the essence of a selfless dedication to the collective well-being…


(noun) The protective and secure space created by anonymity, allowing for open sharing without fear of judgment; from Basque “epaia” (Judgement) and Estonian “kilp” (Shield). Epakilp symbolizes the sheltered environment established by anonymity, where individuals can share openly without the…


(noun) The state of being equals through the practice of anonymity, eliminating biases and assumptions about others’ backgrounds; from Latin “anonymitas” (anonymity) and Danish “lige” (equal). Anolige represents the leveling effect of anonymity, where individuals are regarded as equals, free…


(adjective) The protected and shielded state of individuals working in professions or roles where alcoholism is forbidden or stigmatized, ensuring their privacy and safety; it signifies the concealment and safeguarding of their identity within such environments; from Latin “occultus” (hidden,…


(noun) The careful and protective approach to anonymity afforded to newcomers in Alcoholics Anonymous; it signifies the special consideration and sensitivity given to those new to the fellowship, allowing them to feel safe and supported as they begin their recovery…


(adjective) Free from preconceived notions and judgments, as facilitated by anonymity in AA; it signifies the absence of biases and assumptions about others’ backgrounds. from Latin “absque” (without) and “preconception” (preconception, bias).


(noun) The confidential and trusting atmosphere fostered by anonymity in AA; it signifies the deep sense of trust and security among members, encouraging open sharing; from Latin “occulto” (secret, hidden) and “confidential” (confidence, trust).


(noun) The humble and unknown servant role embraced by those who uphold the principle of anonymity in AA; it signifies the selfless dedication to the common welfare of the group; from Latin “ignotus” (unknown) and “servus” (servant).


(noun) The discreet and confidential fellowship formed through anonymity in AA; it signifies the sense of belonging and unity among members without the need for personal disclosure; from Latin “discretio” (discretion) and “communio” (fellowship, communion).


(noun) The protective shield and refuge provided by anonymity in AA; it signifies the safeguarding of individuals’ identities, promoting a safe space for sharing without fear of judgment or stigma; from Latin “anonymitas” (anonymity) and “protego” (protect, shield).