Category A Higher Power


(noun) The interior, spiritual essence or soul of an individual in recovery; the deep-seated, inner core that connects with a higher power; from Latin “spiritus” (spirit) and “interior” (inner).


(noun) The freedom and liberty to embrace a personal concept of a higher power or divine being in recovery; it signifies the empowerment to choose a spiritual path that resonates with one’s beliefs and values; aligning with their unique perspectives…


(noun) The guiding and reassuring voice of a higher power that provides comfort, guidance, and direction in recovery; it signifies the belief in a divine plan and the power of providence; from Latin “providentia” (providence, foresight) and “vox” (voice).


(noun) The transformational process of transcending the ego and handing over control of one’s life to a higher power; it signifies the journey of humility and letting go of self-centeredness; from Latin “super” (above, beyond) and “ounego”, a combination of…


(verb) To submit and place one’s faith and trust in a higher power or spiritual belief system; it emphasizes the act of relying on a greater source of guidance and support; from Latin “fides” (faith) and “submitto” (to submit, surrender).