(noun) The realization and acknowledgment of the shattered state of life due to unmanageability, serving as the poignant catalyst for embarking on the journey toward recovery and healing. It marks the pivotal moment in which individuals face the stark consequences of addiction, acknowledging the wreckage left in its wake and catalyzing a transformative commitment to reclaiming a meaningful life; from Irish “briste” (shattered, broken) and French “vie” (life).

Bristevie marks the emotional and existential turning point where individuals confront the broken pieces of their lives fractured by addiction. It is not only the acknowledgment of past pain and mistakes but also the courageous decision to mend and rebuild. Bristevie becomes a powerful emblem of resilience, representing the strength to face the shattered reality with honesty and the determination to reconstruct a life that is whole, purposeful, and aligned with the path of recovery.